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Patients choose practitioners
who are better informed about their patients’ health.
Using SmartHealth JOURNAL shows your patients that you care about being better informed about their health histories.
They know you will deliver better healthcare that way. Be better informed, immediately.

SmartHealth JOURNAL allows you to review potentially years’ worth of your patients’ medical histories, with their permissions, the first day you start using SmartHealth JOURNAL. This lets you deliver better healthcare to your patients, immediately. You do not depend on gradually building up your own historical database – your patients and other health workers have done it for you. You will add to the patient’s health history the first time you start using SmartHealth JOURNAL.

Eliminates compliance and other barriers

that come from storing patients’ records

SmartHealth JOURNAL allows you to focus on the patient. Because the patient can be the custodian of the record, you don’t have to expend time and resources managing data security or compliance other than any existing practitioner/patient privacy rules that you already comply with.

Integrity of past
health information
is assured
The integrity of previous records is assured since even the patient can’t change their record without making it unreadable. This means that you can reliably and securely retrieve information from previous healthcare encounters, such as prior lab test results or prior vaccination records, so you can be better informed and can avoid expensive re-testing, for example.  A SmartHealth JOURNAL Assurance Certificate next to their record certifies that it has not been altered or tampered with.

SmartHealth JOURNAL helps optimize patient workflow

SmartHealth JOURNAL helps track your patients over years, days or minutes - even during the time they are in your clinic, moving from station to station. This means you can perform simple but potentially lengthy tasks in parallel, such as patient check-in or counseling, while making sure that critical resources, such as nurses qualified to provide injections, are utilized efficiently.


It also means your patients are not needlessly waiting in line - a critical factor when considering drug or vaccination adherence since it ensures your prospective patients don’t just leave untreated because they are unable or unwilling to wait. You want your patients to be in and out rapidly whether your workflow is 10 or 100 or 1000 patients daily.

Compatible with most existing EMR systems you may use
One of the benefits of SmartHealth JOURNAL is that you can be better informed and provide better healthcare without having a complex electronic medical record (EMR) system. But if you have an EMR, SmartHealth JOURNAL will soon allow import and export of records in FHIR format, a rapidly-emerging health record protocol. IPRD Solutions together with the world’s largest software company is developing support for this for the Android operating system.

How does SmartHealth JOURNAL work?

With SmartHealth JOURNAL, the patient can be the custodian of their own health information so your interaction with SmartHealth JOURNAL is complete after performing just 4 simple steps:
1 - Scan the SmartHealth JOURNAL receipts the patient chooses to show you
You just need to open the SmartHealth JOURNAL app and scan the SmartHealth JOURNAL receipt the patient shows you.
2 - Review the patients past health history
Depending on the permissions that the patient granted when the receipt was generated, you can then use the receipt to retrieve the patient’s record immediately, or SmartHealth JOURNAL may request the patient to give their permission to you, for example, using their biometric. You can then review the past health records they chose to show you.
3 - Assess patient using all available and relevant data
You can then perform your health assessment. You can record images and notes, for example. You can also leave the SmartHealth JOURNAL folder open for another health worker in your clinic to enter in lab results that might only be available days later.
4 - SmartHealth JOURNAL 
generates a new receipt for
your current consultation
After you are done with the consultation with the patient, SmartHealth JOURNAL will generate a new SmartHealth Journal receipt that you can send to the patient by WhatsApp, or they can take a picture of it on their phone.

How do I start using SmartHealth JOURNAL?

You can start by having your staff use SmartHealth JOURNAL in your clinic and give each patient a SmartHealth JOURNAL receipt for their visit. You will be able to use the SmartHealth JOURNAL receipt to look up the patient’s record within your own clinic network at a later time. Other clinic networks or health workers will need the patient to use SmartHealth JOURNAL before they can see the patient’s health record.

You can download an app that links to the SmartHealth JOURNAL platform using the QR code below, and you can print out the PDF file here to place at your patient-intake locations to let your patients know that you use SmartHealth JOURNAL.

Thank you for your patience - we will be adding a download link for this application shortly. At the moment we are focused on releasing and supporting our COVID-19 Vaccination application SmartHealth RECOVERS

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