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Better informed. Better healthcare. Anywhere.

Patients and health workers everywhere want to access and share patient information securely and accurately so health workers can be better informed and provide better care, anywhere the patient visits.

National privacy and compliance regulations, as well as the absence of digital medical record systems in LMI countries, make it cumbersome for different health workers to share patient records. In addition, health workers need to be assured that any records they review belong to the patient in front of them and have remained unaltered even if they are days, months or years old, before they will use them in a health assessment.


SmartHealth JOURNAL empowers patients to be the custodian of their own health data, and share it as necessary to give healthcare workers the tools they need to provide high-quality treatment, without HCWs taking on the burden and risk of managing and sharing records outside of their own organization. 

The patient can choose to secure and unlock the record with their biometric so they control access, and so a different health worker knows the record belongs to the patient. This is especially useful if the patient doesn’t have identification.

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