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You can have custody of your own healthcare information
The information is stored with your permission on your phone or in your own personal long-term digital storage space that often comes free with the purchase of a phone. You can unlock your health data with your biometric or other strong security measure, and you can give permission to a health worker to see the health information you want them to see.

Storing records is as easy as saving photos

on your phone, just like favorite family photos.

Laboratory test results, images, immunization and prescription records from each encounter with a health worker can easily be stored using SmartHealth JOURNAL. The integrity of your health information is assured since even you can’t alter a record - such tampering would automatically make it unreadable by a healthcare practitioner.

Immediately share only the SmartHealth JOURNAL information you want
SmartHealth JOURNAL can be used easily by healthcare practices of all sizes including individual doctors, pharmacies, clinics and large hospitals. Moreover, SmartHealth JOURNAL can store abroad range of patient information, ranging from a simple blood pressure reading from a pharmacy, to images of a vaccination vial, to a complex HIV viral load count measured by a national laboratory service.

How does SmartHealth JOURNAL work?

Your interaction with SmartHealth JOURNAL is complete after performing just 4 simple steps

1 - Retrieve your chosen past
SmartHealth JOURNAL receipts
If your health worker uses SmartHealth JOURNAL, then at the end of your visit they will send a digital SmartHealth JOURNAL receipt to your Android phone, or give you the option of taking a picture of the receipt displayed on their phone.
Your health worker can use this receipt to access your record. If you yourself want to access your record or want to share it with another health worker then you need your own copy of the app linked to the SmartHealth JOURNAL platform that you can download on your phone.
The SmartHealth JOURNAL receipt doesn’t contain any personal medical record information or biometric data; it just serves as a link to data that only you or a health worker, with your permission, can view.
2 - Show your chosen past 
SmartHealth JOURNAL receipts to your Health Worker
Each SmartHealth JOURNAL receipt shows a date and other basic information and you can pick the receipts that you want to share. You can send or show them to the health worker of your choice both remotely or in-person.
3 - Unlock your
SmartHealth JOURNAL receipts, 
even remotely
The information will only be shared with your practitioner temporarily and you decide how long they will have access to it. You can even use your biometric to unlock it, even remotely.
4 - Get a new SmartHealth JOURNAL receipt from your Health Worker
Your health worker will then use your previous health records to be better informed about the care they provide and will document their analysis and may perform some new tests.
When they are complete, they will use SmartHealth JOURNAL to generate and send or show you a new SmartHealth JOURNAL receipt that links to the record of the service they provided.
Just take a picture of it, or receive it on WhatsApp, and keep it like you do with a favorite family photo. Most phones come with many free capabilities for keeping copies of your digital photos for short or long periods of time even if you change phones regularly. The SmartHealth JOURNAL platform will soon include the capability to search all your photos for SmartHealth JOURNAL receipts, so you don’t have to.

How do I start using SmartHealth JOURNAL?

If your health worker uses SmartHealth JOURNAL

You can start by allowing them to send you a SmartHealth JOURNAL receipt for your visit through WhatsApp for example, or just take a picture of the SmartHealth JOURNAL receipt they will show you on their phone or tablet. You can then show the same receipts to the healthcare practitioner at a later time.

If you want different health workers to see your past health information

You can download the app linked to the SmartHealth JOURNAL platform and catalog any records you already have in your possession.

Look for the SmartHealth JOURNAL sign at your health worker’s location which will show they use SmartHealth JOURNAL.


Thank you for your patience - we will be adding a download link for this application shortly. At the moment we are focused on releasing and supporting our COVID-19 Vaccination application SmartHealth RECOVERS

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